A Different Sort of Mother's Day...

Someone, somewhere...

*Is celebrating Mother's Day today with lots of gifts, service, surprises, joy, and all of the trimmings. Jesus loves you and celebrates with you!

*Is working today, while other mothers (and others) are off, wishing for anything to be home with her babies (of all ages). Jesus loves you and works alongside of you.

*Is mourning the loss of his or her own mother, fresh...years ago... or somewhere in between...for there is no preparation for the loss of a mother. Jesus loves you and grieves with you.

*Is grieving the loss of a child, unborn...adult...or somewhere in between (even the loss pre-conception due to not being able to conceive...i.e. the loss of the dream of motherhood). Jesus loves you and cradles you.

*Is mothering a prodigal and is grieving in a way that only the good, good Father can know. Jesus loves you. He hears your prayers on behalf of your child, and He is interceding in the gap as well.

*Is facing her own mortality as a mother as she battles a terminal illness...which we all do, known or unknown to us. Special, without-words love comes your way today. Jesus loves you and is filling in all gaps for you.

*Has no explanation for the loss of a mother, because normal to him/her is raising his/her younger siblings as if he/she WERE the mother. Jesus loves you and will equip you.

*Is standing in the gap as an aunt, grandmother, loving neighbor or friend, raising one left alone by the willful or unavoidable loss, temporary or eternal, of a biological mother. Jesus loves you and understands why you cringe a bit to hear the words "Happy Mother's Day" when it is YOU who are standing in the gap.

*Is blocking "Happy Mother's Day" out of his/her mind because the word MOTHER is synonymous with abuse or neglect. Jesus loves you and "gets it."

*Is someone I have forgotten to lift up. Jesus is with you and will NEVER forget you.

My 20-year old "baby", sick throughout the night but with her "toddler face" ever near, told me before giving in to rest, "This is the best Mother's Day ever. Thank you for showing me what it really means." I praise God for what He will do at WellSpring this morning through the Mother's Day breakfast (thanks, men and youth!), amazing worship (the keys/singing will be missed by me but can wait), powerful message (feel my presence, Rev. Dr. Michael Beale), precious fellowship (from the growing, thriving congregation that gives me a glimpse of Heaven each week, no exaggeration), all undergirded with prayer (which started us rolling ten years ago this September 17). 


And I lift each who will read this or pass it on to someone who needs a dash of hope to the arms of Jesus, WHO ALONE really knows how you feel. He alone is the God who reached DOWN to us, just as we were, to draw us near to Him. He exemplified, endured, and embraced sacrifice that surpassed the BEST sacrifice even the BEST of mothers could ever make. Take comfort...things are upside down now, but one day, all things will be made right and new. May Psalm 68:5 bring you comfort: "A father to the fatherless (mother to the motherless), a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling."