Divine Intervention

  I am sure most people have heard the phrase, "The Lord works in mysterious ways." IT IS SO TRUE!!

  My name is Elizabeth Beaird Mainor and I am a devoted wife to my husband, Jacob Mainor and a new mother to my son, Jacob Mainor, Jr.

  Before I met my my husband I was searching for my identity in Christ as a Senior at Troy University. My past wrong choices had brought me to a place of desperation for Christ. I had enjoyed the "fun" of college and had many dark hurts that pulled me away from Christ. I was FINALLY at a place where I was willing to surrender my life to my Savior.

  My career as a Sign Language Interpreter led me to interpret Sunday services for the Deaf community at a large church in Montgomery, AL. (Where I would later meet my husband). So, while I was searching for my identity, the Lord was preparing my future husband.

  Now I HAVE to explain the back story to show you God's divine intervention!

  My immediate family, BEAIRD, has known my married family, MAINOR, my entire life. The Lord was working His plan for our lives before I was born. (Jeremiah 1:5a=Before I formed you in the womb I knew you...) My father was very athletic and played many sports; where he played with my husband's great uncle, who was also in my parents wedding. My parents grew up around my husband's grandparents and became close to them through the years. If that wasn't crazy enough it gets better!

  My husband's mother became pregnant with him at 19 years old and went to my mother's workplace to see her doctor. At some time during one of her visits, she discussed some things with my mother about being a young unmarried new mother. My mother was not even pregnant with me yet and told her, "The Lord has great plans for this child!" Little did they both know that their children would get married to each other 24 years later.

  Now back to the original story...

  I began to fall in love with Christ because in my past the love I thought I found in other relationships left me broken. My mother always told me, "Elizabeth, the man you will marry needs to be someone who when you are running towards Christ and you look over to your right you see him running in the same direction." I never believed her until I met Jacob.

 Jacob is not anyone I had ever encountered before. He was a gentleman, a caring friend, and a strong believer in Jesus Christ. Jacob and I knew of each other because of our families but we never hung out. He was playing in the worship band at the church that I was interpreting for. We began talking some at different church functions and through text conversations. We decided to go on our first "date" after a month of talking to each other. I put "date" in quotations because remember I was falling in love with Christ so I wasn't considering it being a real date because the only person I wanted to be with was Christ. My plan was to go and hang out with him but tell him that I didn't want a relationship. That wasn't an option once I left our date.

  During our date, we shared our typical high school stories, work stories and family stories. But there was something about him that attracted me. He was a smooth talking Jesus lover! I began to tell him about my plans to graduate and move to Birmingham and start working but he had other plans. He was very persistent and we continued to see each other for a few weeks.

  After only three weeks of dating I began to love Jacob. We were sitting together one night talking when I just stared into his eyes. I had this overwhelming feeling to tell him that I loved him but I couldn't because I was thinking it was way too early. Then I will never forget what he said to me. He said, "Oh I know what that look means....do you love me?" I was shocked and couldn't speak. He asked again, "Do you love me?" I responded, "Yes." Then he said, "Well then, feed my sheep." I made a weird face and said, "Huh?"

  Later we had a conversation about marriage and he told me that he was going to marry me. I told my mother one night, "Mom, this guy says he is going to marry me. He is crazy!" We were engaged after dating for 3 months, then married after being together for a total of 6 months and now have been married for 3 years.

  Not only did the Lord show me His love but He gave me a man who has taught me more about Christ than anyone I have ever known.

  If that isn't crazy enough just wait there is more!!!

  After being married for 1 year, Jacob told me one night that he wanted me to stop taking birth control and try to get pregnant because the Lord told him August. He didn't know what that meant but that he was shown August. I didn't feel ready to have a baby so I told him maybe August means for me to stop taking birth control then so I wanted to wait. The Lord showed me in a dream that we should try to get pregnant now. I stopped taking birth control in June 2014 and we tried to get pregnant. I soon realized I was two days late on a Saturday that Jacob had to work. I went to the grocery store to buy a pregnancy test and returned home to take it. Within a few seconds of taking it there were two pink lines. The Lord brought to my mind the question: what is today? I looked down at my phone and the date was August 1st. I began to cry and I said, "Lord, are you serious?" I couldn't wait to tell Jacob. He finally got home and I showed him the pregnancy test and he was surprised. I said, "Do you realized what today is?" He said, "It's August."

  We had our precious son on Good Friday, April 3, 2015. We three returned home on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. We were blessed beyond belief!!!

  I truly believe that our lives had divine intervention from God because His handwork is shown in all of these situations. When I tell people this story I say, "I am a little bit of a control freak but with this I had no control whatsoever because if I had my way through any of it, it would be different." God orchestrated every single movement of our lives so that in the end He would receive the glory and praise.

  There are more amazing blessings that the Lord has shown our family that I could talk about all day everyday but it would take up too much typing space. We are grateful for all the blessings and give ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR to our Heavenly Father!!!!!!