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As Easter draws near, let us rejoice as the Holy Spirit brings us to the point of understanding the amazing connection between the "I Am"'s of Jesus and the Resurrection.  http://media1.razorplanet.com/share/515188-8879/resources/1426102710_787912_EmptyPromisesSeriesmainslidelarge.png WellSpring Community Church - Empty Promises - The seven http://www.welcometowellspring.com - http://media1.razorplanet.com/share/515188-8879/resources/ 300 300 Empty Promises - part 5 - The Resurrection and the Life Empty Promises - Part 5 - The Resurrection and the Life John 11 Our last of the "I Am" statements of Jesus draws into the most important moment in human history - The resurrection of Jesus Christ!  We stand amazed on this day as we realize that the empty promises of Jesus Christ are all made fact at the moment of resurrection because he proved who he was. In John 11, Jesus is dealing with the death of a close friend and he turns the whole idea of death upside down by telling Martha, "I Am the resurrection and the life" and then proving it by raising Lazarus from the dead!  It is so important to the see the problem, the purpose, the promise, and the proof that emerges through this scripture.  You will be "surprised" by how this will change your perspective about death and about the fear that comes with it.  Join this Easter Sunday as we celebrate the risen Christ!   Mon, 06 Apr 2015 09:30:00 -0500 http://www.welcometowellspring.com/_getmedia/26764.mp3 Empty Promises - Part 4 - The Way The Truth The Life Empty Promises - Part 4 - The Way, The Truth, and The Life  This next "I Am" promise from Jesus in the Gospel of John is different from the others because this one does not describe what Jesus will do for those believe in him, but rather makes bold claims about WHO Jesus is.  This exclusive and emphatic claim to be the ONE WAY and the ONE TRUTH and the ONE LIFE is uncomfortable to many in our modern world of tolerence and political correctness, but it makes perfect sense as you understand that Jesus is the exclusive fulfillment of God's inclusive grace and love to all the world!  He is the answer for the world today, if they will choose to accept the ONE bridge to God! Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:30:00 -0500 http://www.welcometowellspring.com/_getmedia/26569.mp3 Empty Promises - Part 3 - The Bread and The Light Empty Promises - Part 3 - The Bread and The Light   As we come to the final four of our "I Am" promises of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John, we look at two that are unique among the seven.  These two point to a negative consequence rather than a positive position.  As I see it, Jesus presents these two as Antidotes to the poisons of all of our lives.  We are all hungry for meaning, purpose, and eternal significance and we are all walking in the darkness of this world looking for answers to what is true, right, and eternal - These poisons that infect both Christians and non-Christians have only ONE antidote - Jesus Christ. Come join us as we investigate the great truths behind The "Bread of Life" and the "Light of the World".    Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:30:00 -0500 http://www.welcometowellspring.com/_getmedia/26485.mp3 Empty Promises - Part 1 - The Good Shepherd and The Gate Empty Promies - Part 1 - The Good Shepherd and The Gate   We begin our investigation of the Promises of Christ and how the resurrection confirms these promises with two of the "I AM"'s from John 10.  Here Christ declares himself to be "The Good Shepherd" that lays down his life for His sheep and "The Gate" through which all can come to be saved.  Christ makes a point to contrast himself with all others that have come before and those who are supposedly the shepherds of Isreal.  He makes two great points which relate to the resurrection: 1) He tells us that he has the authority to lay down his life and TO TAKE IT UP AGAIN and 2) I have come that they might have Life - both now and forever!  These promises are empty except for the resurrection of Christ. he cannot take his own life up if he is dead - he cannot promise us life NOW and in the FUTURE if he is dead. He arose! He is alive! He is the good shepherd!  He is the Gate!  Praise be to God!!! Mon, 09 Mar 2015 09:30:00 -0500 http://www.welcometowellspring.com/_getmedia/26109.mp32848