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WellSpring Community Church is completely non-denominational and independent meaning that we do not have any specific connections to any organization or institutions that provide our financial support.  We have trusted God to provide through the tithes and offerings of our team and the amazing special gifts of supporters from around the world who have kept up funded for the past seven plus years. We know that we still can continue to serve only because of the grace of God who provides for our needs and keeps this ministry thriving in service to our community.

You can choose to give electronically or you can send checks to our post office address:
  WellSpring Community Church
  P.O. Box 680936
  Prattville, AL. 36068

Fund options:
General Fund - This fund is where our tithes and offerings go to provide for the ongoing ministry of WellSpring and to empower the missions that we support around the globe. 

New Building Fund - This fund was established in 2012 to begin to gather the financial resources that WellSpring will need to build/purchase our own facility as the Lord leads us. These funds are kept seperate from the General Fund and the Growth Fund so that none of these monies will be used for other purposes than for what they were donated for.  Any transfers from this fund will be done only with the permission of the donors.

Growth Fund - The 2015-2016 growth fund includes giving over and above the general fund to be used to take the next steps in growth toward God's vision for WellSpring. The growth fund monies are kept seperate from the General Fund and New Building Fund so that money donated to this fund will be used for these items.  We will transfers funds to other funds only with the donors permission.  
  The growth fund includes:
    1) Salary for our worship leader to become full-time ($36,000)
    2) Costs of completing our 501(3) c ($2,000)
    3) Cost of repairs and upgades to the building to enable us to carry out the ministry that God has for us. ($20,000)
    4) Cost of upgrading our worship equipment ($5,000)
  When you choose to give toward the growth fund, you can designate which of the above items you would like to support.  If no designation is made, the monies given to this fund will be used for the highest priority expenses as determined by the Vision Team and the Pastor.  

We provide financial reports upon request to those who would like to know where and how our resources are spent.

 There is a 2% fee paid to the service network on each payment.

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