Mission Migori Kenya

  Team Leader: David Mainor
  Team Members:  Dana and Carly Mainor, Michael, Danna, Anna Caroline, and John Michael Beale

 Team Report:
  The team returned on June 16th from a successful ministry in Kenya. Here is a short summary of all that they did while serving in Migori kenya:

Thursday:  Arrival and spent the night in Nirobi, Kenya
Friday: Travel to Migori (approximately 6 hours)
Saturday:  Met with local teachers, visiting local people 
Sunday: Rev. Beale preached at Mirinidy Church
             Visiting local people
Monday and Tuesday:  VBS at Mirindi Academy
Wed. and Thursday: Minister and Leaders Conference in Mirindi Gospel Church (6 sessions)
Fri. and Sat.: Minister and Leaders Conference Eguetti Church - (6 session)
Sun.  Rev. Beale preaching in Eguetti Church
Mon and Tue. Safari - Masi Mara
Wed. Depature