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Risen – Part 1 – Dealing with Doubters

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Risen – Part 1 – Dealing with Doubters
  As we come to the resurrection event in history, we want to look at it from a un-believers point of view.  We realize that everyone has doubts, but we many not realize that doubt has a good purpose in this kind of analysis.  Any idea that we hold in our minds as true has to wrestle with new ideas to see if what we think is true is true.  The doubt that is created as we go through our “paradigm shift” is necesary to test the strength of our worldview.  In this sermon, we look at two people who were confronted with a huge paradigm shift and how Christ appeared to them personally and how we can help un-believers confront the truth as Christ’s representatives on earth. 

Risen: Uncover the Mystery
March 6 – 27th 10:30 a.m.
  Everybody comes to Easter with doubt.  The resurrection is a historical event that forces each of us to consider the most important question in human history, “What do you do with the Risen Jesus?”  In this series, we will be dealing with doubters as we look at the resurrection event from the point of view of the unbelieving world. We will test the theories, face the facts, and recognize the risen Lord.