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Our Story

Planting the Impossible Church


Why another church in a sea of River Region-saturated churches, smack in the middle of the proverbial Bible Belt? We’ve honestly wondered that ourselves, during low points of the faith rollercoaster ride over seven years in the WellSpring making. Yet the peace principle of enduring and standing firm, coupled with the growing realization that God never tires of doing whatever it takes to bring His lost children home, propels us to plow forth. We have learned through perseverance that not another church exists in our area that is filling the niche that we believe God intends for WellSpring to fulfill. We embrace the Word and Power element espoused by Brooklyn Tabernacle, seeking to become “true worshipers who worship in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:24)…believing finding that balance is not only attainable but essential as a church. We want to see racial barriers fall in an area known over centuries as both the “Cradle of the Confederacy” and the “Birthplace of Civil Rights.” We believe that time is too short to major in the minors, and we believe we have never needed God more as a generation, despite being able to do so much for ourselves technologically while living in a time of relative prosperity. We’re better “socially connected” than ever…and less fulfilled by genuine relationship. More than anything, we realize that we tend to know more ABOUT God than we know God Himself. At WellSpring, we want to see Him do what only He can, in ways big and small, and we remain passionate about dying to self to see Him take over, one life at a time, changing lives for the better. We embrace the opportunity to work alongside Him to create something incredible that will long outlive us. WellSpring exists to be a choice for those who, caught in the snares of life as we increasingly experience it, elect to pursue freedom and in the process, see God rescue other captives for His glory’s sake.