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Courageous Young People . Students . Friends with music

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Courageous Young People . Students . Friends
I Tim. 4:12
  In addition to courageous men and women – our young people are facing precarious times. According to many of the statistics, 70% of them drift away during the ages of 18 – 24 years old and only about 35% of them ever come back.  They face the challenges of a secular and sexual media, anti-Christian professors and employers, and a society, in general, that does not affirm their faith in the Bible, Jesus, or God.  In first Timothy, Paul is addressing a young man whom he helped bring to faith and to leadership and he challenges this young man to teach the other youth to live a life of courage.

We are using a trailer from the movie, “God is not dead” as an introduction to some of the challenges our students will face in college.
We end with music from our praise team led by Micah Williams.

It’s time to take responsibility!
Whatever roles God has given us to play in our families, our society or our church, it all begins with taking responsibility to be courageous.  In this series, we use clips from Christian movies and challenge our people as men, women, and students to be courageous in this time of world change.