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Why OasisK?

     Why another area school?  We believe that one consequence of the pandemic is leaving many area families frustrated and disillusioned with the current education systems—be it curriculum content/focus, unaffordability, or pandemic-management—who may be seeking a safe, affordable educational alternative for their children. Hence we feel called to establish an oasis of learning with a veteran teacher with a class of only 12 K5 students—where families can be loved, supported, and encouraged to grow in their faith along with their children. If the Lord expands to additional classes and grades down the road, marvelous! OasisK is a faith-step venture in response to what has been communicated to us is a growing need in our regional area for competitively-priced, educational alternatives that are family-promotional (hence the half-day) and Christ-centered (hence the WellSpring connection). We are a hybrid mix of public mastery requirements/Montessori freedom (with structure!)/homeschool intimacy with Jesus on top! For those considering homeschooling as an alternative, if you would prefer to leave “teaching early reading” to a joyful veteran early childhood educator before tackling the curriculum for advanced homeschooling, we just might be your answer to prayer! For those considering where to place their precious K5s after nurturing them yourselves up until now, please be sure to check our Recommendations page and the Photo Gallery for assurance and lots of smiles. For families with older siblings as well, we are following the Elmore County Schools calendar most closely, enabling synchronicity in most places. Ultimately, we seek to partners with families as their child’s celebrated first teachers, “doing school” more organically–the way Kindergarten used to be when we were K5s ourselves.