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OasisK Curriculum

     Mrs. Beale has saved the “tried and true” learning experiences/materials from her public school years. Children will be provided journals and a variety of learning tools designed to help them master and go beyond Kindergarten standardsbased criteria. They will be organically exposed to advanced, high quality literature as well as to level, decodable readers that will inspire them to want to read on their own. Age-appropriate mastery criteria/assessment tools have been adapted from area school systems and specifically address early literacy, math, social science/science, and relational skills. We are excited to be able to provide resources to families without passing on additional materials costs due to being required to follow a “set” curriculum. This allows us the freedom to tailor the materials toward student abilities/ interests, preparing world-changers equipped to meet the demands of a changing global landscape through the compassionate lens of truth through Christian values. We prefer to keep the focus on teaching children holistically, rather than tailoring children to meet an ever-revised curriculum. Using an age-appropriate mastery standards guide allows for creativity and flexibility interwoven with structure and accountability, a key draw to beginning OasisK as an alternative.

Supply List

     We use a streamlined version of the area system’s Kindergarten list, which will be supplied to families as children register and are accepted into the OasisK program. Less will be more with a smaller student population; supplies will be shared community-style as needed. There are no textbook, workbook, or materials fees associated with OasisK, though donation items for current hands-on explorations will be requested as the year progresses.

Field Trips

     We envision monthly field trips that exceed the “three per year” at most, typically offered through the public school
experience. Unlike using school or chartered buses, we will need and welcome adult chaperones to make these memories with us, and student/family cost will vary according to trip. Field trips will be based upon current thematic explorations, but we as well seek to visit parents’ workplaces to learn more about those occupations, if such opportunity is feasible. We anticipate a regular visitation with the residents of the neighboring Charlton Place Assisted Living Center, for cross-generational connections benefit everyone from a living history perspective. Possible field trips include, but are not limited to: the Montgomery Zoo, the pumpkin patch, Hilltop Farm, Lanark Nature Center, downtown historic Prattville, area factories, virtual trips, and wherever the Lord leads and provides!


     Each day the children will start their morning at “Chapel Time” where they will enjoy singing children’s songs, learning to recite their weekly Scripture verses, hearing a Bible story that relates to their weekly academic theme, and beginning the day with prayer and flag pledges. A local/regional/world missions-focus will accompany our Chapel time as we infuse current events/current needs and ways we might help into our learning experience. Our chapel leader and song leader is our Headmaster Rev. Dr. Michael Beale—the Pastor of WellSpring Community Church.