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An Easter Epiphany – part 2 – Mary Magdalene

3.11 | Rev. Dr. Michael Beale
An Easter Epiphany – Part 2 – Mary Magdalene Our next study in epiphanies is the description of an oft-misunderstood woman by the name of Mary Magdalene. She is mentioned over 15 times in the Gospels, but still is miss represented by many as a prostitute who later becomes a follower of Christ. This message will focus on the Biblical data and what we do know about her and her love for Christ and the way she came to be the first to see the risen Lord!

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The events that surround Easter – the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ are the core of the “Christian” faith. However, many have struggled to accept what happened as fact and allow the truth of these events to change their hearts. This series will examine some in scripture, both well-known and unknown, who were impacted by the truth of these events and were changed in an instant! The “Easter Epiphany” they experienced is now a testimony throughout the ages of the validity of these events and their power to change us all. My prayer for each of us, is that this Easter will not be just another season on the calendar, but that we would experience “An Easter Epiphany”.