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Making Love Last – Part 4 – The Art of Commitment

2.25 | Rev. Michael Beale

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Making Love Last – Part 4 –

The Art of Commitment + audio Clips Matthew 19:4 – 9

2 audio clips from “War Room” movie The last of our series is the “The Art of Commitment” is a call to return to the idea of “covenant”. It is apparent that Jesus Christ when asked about the validity of divorce, decided to point to the validity and sanctity of marriage instead by quoting the foundational verses in Genesis as the answer to their question. Even though we are surrounded by the idea of contracts in our modern world, it is clear that God created marriage as a covenant relationship between couples and God and not a contract from humanity to each other. God is a covenant-making God and so the focus of our marriage on fulfilling the covenant that we established before God on our wedding day is the key to making love last for eternity.

There is no magic formula to teach or apply that will ensure that our human love for one another will last the test of time and tribulation. However, there are some truths that we can become aware of that will help us in our marriages, with our children, in our workplace relationships, and in our friendships that build strong and growing relationships. What does the Bible have to say to help us strengthen our love relationships and overcome the challenges that face us every day?