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Our Values

Mountain of Prayer: Spirit-filled, Inside and Out.

At WellSpring, we believe that what man can do in one year, God can do in one moment. As His people humble themselves to pray, His guidance and His will will be revealed. Our worship gatherings feature dedicated prayer times, and our developing prayer ministry teams gather each week to pray for the world, its people, and the people in our community.

Meant to be Found: Lost People Matter to God.

At WellSpring, our hearts break for those who do not know God and are not involved in communities of faith. We want to meet people where they are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, inviting them to belong as they begin to believe. We aim to serve the community as we creatively “give a cup of cold water” to the thirsty, no strings attached. It is our passion, especially due to our area’s cultural history, to reach across all barriers to all people, so we can serve Him together as one.

Meaningful Praise: Relevant and Vibrant Worship.

WellSpring is not your ordinary worshiping community! Never changing the Gospel message, we believe in breaking down walls between people. You are free to worship in your own way here, regardless of factors like dress, formality, relevance, style, and communication. People today want to find God in a way that touches their hearts and minds simultaneously. We do this at WellSpring through contemporary music and media, upbeat and relevant preaching, and warmth of community.

Missionary Discipleship and Support.

At WellSpring, we are passionate for spiritual growth. We hope to raise up leaders who will serve with passion using their God-given gifts and abilities. We believe the Word of God is too great to keep to ourselves; it deserves to be shared with others, through testimony and service, in a way that is helpful and needed by our community and our world. We are committed to giving ten percent of our income to missions, both local and international, including Habitat for Humanity and Adullam House.

Modeling, Mentoring, Multiplying Christ’s Kingdom.

At WellSpring, we embrace the value of raising the next generation through modeling, mentoring, and multiplying Christ’s Kingdom, beginning with our youngest. Our children’s ministry and youth programs accomplish this dream through study, service, fellowship, and prayer—in a way that captivates them and inspires them to crave a deeper experience of loving God and others. We take the Great Commission seriously by going out into the world and multiplying the fruits God has sown so that lives may be transformed.