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The Seven – Part 8 – Laodicea – Lukewarm and Loving It

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The Seven – Part 8 – Laodicea – Lukewarm and Loving It

  The last and worst of the seven churches in Revelation, Laodicea is not commended any way and was given one of the most broadbased warnings in all the Bible. Jesus Christ, the source of Revelation points to three temperatures for churches and people: Hot, Cold, and Lukewarm. According to this letter, Christ makes it clear that he is sickened by those who proclaim their Christianity but who live a life of lukewarm hypocriscy. There is no more important message that we all need to own up to and question we all much ask ourselves and our churches – Are we lukewarm and loving it!

The Summer Preaching Series at WellSpring!
In this series we will be looking at the seven church in Revelation by focusing on the first 3 chapters of Revelation. Each church has much for us to learn and experience.

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