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When Faith and Fear Collide

1.8 | Rev. Dr. Michael Beale

When Faith and Fear Collide Numbers 13 and 14 The first thing we realize when God is doing a New Thing is that he causes a crisis of faith. We realize that our fear and our faith crash into each other. When this happens, faith has to win! In this message, we are looking at the spies who went into the land of Canaan and how they faced their fears and failed to walk in faith.

Sermon Resources

 In Isaiah 43:19, he shares a word of encouragement to a nation that will go through both destruction and renewal. Isaiah the Prophet has been warning the Nation of Israel not to stray from the will and word of Yahweh or they will face the pruning of God.  He explains, in the first 39 chapters that this punishment will come and then in the last chapters 40 – 55 he tells them that God will not give up on them, but will restore them. As 2017 dawns, we need to hear both messages again.  God prunes the vine and he restores the vine. It is clear that The Father is doing a “new thing” in a new way at WellSpring.  We will look at this theme verse and learn about what God is saying and doing today.