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Breakthrough Prayer – Part 1 – The Difference

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Breakthrough Prayer – Part 1 – The Difference

In this first sermon in the series we are asking a simple but important question:  What is the difference, if anything, between “breakthrough prayer” and “regular prayer”? If there is a difference, what does it look like?  Join us as we share the story of one person, whom Jim Cymbala in his book “Breakthrough Prayer” calls “The first lady of prayer”, named Hannah in I Samuel chapter 1.  There is so much that we can learn about prayer from this person and this situation.

Breakthrough Prayer

In this two-week Series, we are reflecting on a book by Jim Cybala called “Breakthrough Prayer” and highlighting some of the ideas contained in the book that the congregation is reading together.  We are preparing for a conference in Baton Rouge that several of our people will be attending and hearing form the team at Brooklyn Tabernacle.  What makes “breakthrough” prayer different and what does it look like?  How can we become this kind of church that seeks breakthroughs for ourselves and others?  Join us for a look at what scripture has to say and share in our experience of this excellent book on prayer.