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Consider the Source – part 4 – Missionary Discipleship

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As we look at the landscape of our area we recognize that there are a large number of churches and that each church is distinctive as God gifts them to reach a sector of the world through the gathered body of Christ.  Over the past seven years, as WellSpring has begun to mature and become the faithful hands and feet of Christ in this community, the Lord has clarified our distinctives by developing the passions that drive this ministry.  Over the next 5 weeks this sermon series will discuss the sources or our strength and the motivating passions of our ministry.  Our name comes from the story of the women as the well where Jesus tells her “anyone who believes in me a wellspring of living water will flow from them” and we know that the source of this WellSpring is Jesus Christ. However, there are several others sources of strength and passion that run through this central source, like a river is really a culmination of several tributaries that come together to make it flow in greater capacity.  We will look at the five main sources that drive all aspects of ministry at WellSpring:  1) Prayer, 2) The Word of God, 3) The Holy Spirit, 4) Missionary discipleship, and 5) The “Whosoever” concept.  Come join us as we consider the source.