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Fight the Good Fight of Faith – part 3 – Pursue Faith and Love
I Timothy 6:11,12

  After we have fled – Paul challenges Timothy to Pursue SIX amazing virtues – I call the “Six Pillars of Virtue” because these six ideas are SO large and SO profound throughout scripture that it compels us to learn about how to make them a permanent part of our growth in Christ. 
  Last week we looked at the first two pillars – Righteousness and Godliness and these focused on our relationship with God.  Today, we look at the next two – Faith and Love. The best way that I can describe these two is that they have to do with our worldview – our insight into everything!  Come join us as we seek to make our worldview centered on faith and love and ask ourselves some tough questions about how to do that.  If we will, we will know HOW to fight the good fight of faith.

t’s time to fight!  We can’t arrive at faith in Jesus Christ and be satisfied – there is MORE, much MORE!  The Apostle Paul, a veteran minister and man of spiritual maturity, challenges his young preacher protege to “Fight the Good Fight of Faith” and he lists in the verses surrounding this passage HOW to do this.  In this series, we will investigate the powerful words that surround this challenge from Paul as we are awakened to our goal to “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”.