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Hear, Speak, Do – Part 2 – Opportunity To Hear

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Hear, Speak, Do – Part 2 – Opportunity To Speak

Last week we heard about the fact that The Lord Speaks and He speaks through several means in order to have a personal relationship with those who desire that relationship.  Today we are focused on hearing.  In Jeremiah, the prophet is an excellent example of one who wants to hear and understand what God wants him to speak and do.  In this message, we look at some practical ideas about how to know we are hearing the voice of God rather than other voices and we will look at 3 different moments in Jeremiah where God gives the prophet and the people of Judah an “opportunity to hear”. We will see that Jeremiah was listening and obeying whereas Zedekiah and the people of Judah would not hear and obey. The consequences of NOT hearing or hearing and NOT obeying were huge for the people of Judah and the city of Jerusalem. 

In the days of Jeremiah the prophet, the nation of Judah was in rebellion from God and turning to their own way and to the ways of other gods from other nations.  God called Jeremiah to speak a message to His people to offer them an opportunity to return to His grace and provision. Jeremiah had to learn to Hear, Speak and Do as the Lord called him and led him on an amazing journey.  Today, we find ourselves in the same kind of situation in our community and country.  The world needs people like Jeremiah to bring the message of God to the people God loves. In this series we will focus our attention on how to hear from God, how to speak for God, and how to know what God wants us to do as we stand firm against the tide of world collapse.