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Loving People – part 1 – The Great Command

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Loving People Even When They Are Weird

Part 1 – The Great Command
Luke 10:25 – 37

  The great commandment has to be the most challenging command given by Christ to Christians.  We think that we can love God pretty good, but loving our neighbor is another thing entirely!  However, as we study scripture we realize that these two ideas are all ONE command.  In order to love God we have to love our neighbor.  God’s nature is love and His love for His created ones is at the heart of loving Him. 
  In this scritpure (Luke 10:25-37) we not only find the great command, but we also find a powerful illustration of what love looks like in the parable of the good Samaritan. Join us as we recognize the call and the challenge of Loving people even when they are weird.
I.  The Call to Love (The Great Command)
II.  The Challenge of Love (Good Samaritan)
   A.  Love requires concentration
   B.  Love requires compassion
   C.  Love requires committment
   D.  Love requires a cost 

Loving People Even When They Are Weird!

  In this short series, during February (the “love” month), we will look at the challenge of loving people who are weird.  This begins with the great commandment and continues to crossing barriers and loving people outside the box.  How can we help people come to know Christ if we don’t love them first?  How can we love them if we don’t care for their needs?  How can we care for their needs if we are too concerned about our own lives?