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Making Love Last – Part 2 – The Art of Love + Music

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Making Love Last – Part 2 – The Art of Love
Romans 12:9 – 12
  Last week we talked about the “Art of Encouragement”.  Today we want to turn our attention to the idea of “love” itself.  What is this?  As you might imagine, even defining love is complex.  We are going to take a few moments to investigate the four Greek words for love and we will see that all four are necessary parts of marriage and when practiced consistently, will help us as we are “Making Love Last”. 
At the end of the sermon is a song presented by our worship team led by our worship leader Danna Beale.

 There is no magic formula to teach or apply that will ensure that our human love for one another will last the test of time and tribulation.  However, there are some truths that we can become aware of that will help us in our marriages, with our children, in our workplace relationships, and in our friendships that build strong and growing relationships. What does the Bible have to say to help us strengthen our love relationships and overcome the challenges that face us every day?