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Maranatha – Part 1 – The Mandate!

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In Acts 1, Luke tells us that Jesus spent 40 days with the disciples detailing His plan for the Kingdom of God.  During this time, Jesus explained four mandates for them and for us.  First, the mandate to know that Jesus resurrected from the dead.  Second, that they were to wait for the empowering of the Holy Spirit.  Third, they were to be His witnessess both locally and around the world.  Then finally, the Maranatha Mandate, the two men in white stated the point – “this same Jesus will come back in the same way you saw him rise.” This leads us to an understanding that the Maranatha Mandate is that we live our lives with an expectation of Christ’ return every minute. We live and act with awareness of his return.

Maranatha is the Aramaic word meaning: Jesus is Coming!
It became the declaration of the early church following the ascension of Christ as a reminder that we need to be about the Lord’s work because Jesus is coming back.  This Summer series will investigate the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ in the context of how a Christian should live based on this fact.