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Missio Dei – Part 3 – An Ambassador for Christ

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Missio Dei – Part 3 – An Ambassador for Christ
2 Cor. 5:11-21

3 Motivations as a Missionary
  1) Conscious of the Fear of God
  2) Compelled by the Love of Christ
  3) Called to the Reconciliation of Men

We take our second look at the basis for the Missio Dei of God by remembering that we are called to be “Ambassadors” for Christ.  Before we can enumerate the specifics of HOW we are to do that, we have to search oru hearts to ensure that we understand WHY we are doing this.  Paul spells it out very simply in 2 Cor. 5 as to the true heart of a missionary and ambassador for Christ.

Missio Dei

Over the next four weeks we will seek the scriptures to find the mission of God.  What does God want to accomplish through us in this world?  Join us as we uncover the mystery of what the mission of God is and what it means to join God in His mission.