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Parenting on Purpose – Part 2 – Boundaries

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Parenting on Purpose – Part 2 – Boundaries
Ephesians 6:1-4
 The first part of our approach to “Parenting on Purpose” after we have laid the foundation that we are called to stewards of our children not owners is setting our the boundaries and expectations clearly and directly to our children. Lack of boundaries in any relationship leads to frustration, anxiety, and anger becuase participants are unsure of the rules and unclear in the path to pleasing the other person in the relationship.  With our children, especially, we have to lay down clear and concise rules with both natural and logical consequneces so they will know what it means to obey, to honor, and to be brought up by us as parents. 

Parenting On Purpose 

  Parenting is a challenge that most of us will face a some point in our lives.  Even if we are blessed with singleness, parenting is still something we practice as we “train up” those children in our lives all around us.  In this series we will look at setting boundaries, doing discipline, and establishing a vision for our kids lives.  Come join us at WellSpring at 10:30 a.m. during the month of February to share in our discovery of the Biblical Principles of Parenting on Purpose.