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Parenting on Purpose – Part 3 – Discipline

  Built upon the foundation of boundaries, we have the responsibility as parents to discipline our children in a way that “Forms” them rather than just correcting them.  In this message, after a short audio clip from Dr. James Dobson, we will see the five approaches to discipline for many parents as well as the two types of discipline and five guidlines for good discipline.  

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Parenting On Purpose 

  Parenting is a challenge that most of us will face a some point in our lives.  Even if we are blessed with singleness, parenting is still something we practice as we “train up” those children in our lives all around us.  In this series we will look at setting boundaries, doing discipline, and establishing a vision for our kids lives.  Come join us at WellSpring at 10:30 a.m. during the month of February to share in our discovery of the Biblical Principles of Parenting on Purpose.