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Psalms of Praise – Part 1 – A Call to Praise – Psalm 145

  In Psalm 145, the identified “Psalm of Praise by David”, the psalmist uses an “accrostic” methodology to identify why praise is necessary. In the Hebrew text, each sentence begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which means if you like, you could call this the “A to Z on Praise!”

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The Psalms were the hymbook of the Jewish people and the early Christians including Christ.  Through them we can begin to understand what it means to glorify God.  Just as our prayer life is vital to the Christian faith, so it our Praise Life!  Through this study of a few of Pslams of Praise, we will begin to challenge our minds and control our lips, to turn moments of worry, doubt, fear, and bitterness into praise and worship to God and for God!