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Radical Simplicity – part 3 – Real is Right!

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Radical Simplicity – Part 3 – Real is Right
Matthew 6:5 – 15
  The second area that Jesus addresses to the crowds in the center of the sermon on the mount is the area of public prayer.  It was an essential part of what it means to be a Jew and a Christian.  Like giving and fasting, prayer is powerful when the body comes together to worship, pray, and serve together.  However, like giving, the Jews had made prayer complicated and religious and lost sight of the radical simplicity that Jesus demands.  This sermon addresses the importance of corporate prayer while stressing the need for praying “to the Father” rather than “to be seen of men”. We look at the Simplicity of the patter of prayer given to us by Christ as we submit ourselves in dependence to God The Father.

As we run our race (Heb. 12:1,2) we have to realize that all the weights that we carry and allow to cling to us, will inhibit our ability to run and finish.  America is so blessed with stuff, but the temptation to try to please ourselves and please God with all the stuff we have, can destroy our faith all together.  In this series, focusing on Matthew 6, we will be looking at practical ways to practice the discipline of simplicity in our walks with The Father.