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Risen – Part 3 – Facing the Facts – Bonus – Praise Team Music

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Risen – Part 3 – Facing the Facts
  When a person comes to the reality of the historical event called “The Resurrection of Christ” they face, as all people do, the doubt that challenges them.  Their old paradigm that people cannot be risen from the dead is challenged by the facts of what is the most researched event in human history and they are forced to either accept or reject the truth. One of the questions that a person would ask is, “Why do you believe in the resurrection?” and our answer may have eternal consequences. In this sermon, we look at the four of the primary reasons why we believe in the resurrection as a historical/Biblical/Spiritual reality.
  We begin and end with our praise team singing a song called “Give me faith”, led by guest praise team leader Jacob Mainor.

Risen: Uncover the Mystery
March 6 – 27th 10:30 a.m.
  Everybody comes to Easter with doubt.  The resurrection is a historical event that forces each of us to consider the most important question in human history, “What do you do with the Risen Jesus?”  In this series, we will be dealing with doubters as we look at the resurrection event from the point of view of the unbelieving world. We will test the theories, face the facts, and recognize the risen Lord.