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The Hope – part 1 – The Sign

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The Hope – part 1 – The Sign

Our first stop in the book of Isaiah is in the miraculous birth foretold by Isaiah over 700 years before it happened. This prophecy from Isaiah 7:14 has become a controversial scritpure due to the complexity in interpretation.  The Idea of prphecy having a “present reality” for Isreal and a “future fulfillment” in the New Testament is challenging to grasp.  Yet it is vital to understand that God paints pictures in one time that become clear in another time. 
I. The Situation
II. The Sign
III. The Savior

The Hope

Have you ever noticed that during Christmas season we so often refer back to a prophet in the Old Testament who spoke a word of Hope to a lost and hopeless world.  This series, we will look at the profound words of Isaiah from God to his people because they resonate with us and our world of hopelessnes as well.  He spoke of The Hope – The Messiah – Jesus Christ.