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The Seven – Part 7 – Philadelphia – The Missional Church

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The Seven – part 7 – Philadelphia – The Missional Church

Only two of seven churches that Jesus has ONLY comendation and encouragement for are Philadelphia and Smyrna.  This message is about the letter to the church at Philadelphia.  To understand this letter in its simple structure and form is to interpret the message to our lives as a church and as individuals.  Jesus reminds the Philadelphians that they have to 1) Know the model (Jesus), 2) Accept the mission (the open door), and 3) Take the message to the world.  Jesus uses the “who” to describe himself, “know” to describe the Philadelphians, and “I will” to describe the message.  Take to time to to listen and may God’s Holy Spirit inspire to recognize the open door that is placed before you.

The Summer Preaching Series at WellSpring!
In this series we will be looking at the seven church in Revelation by focusing on the first 3 chapters of Revelation. Each church has much for us to learn and experience.

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