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Walking By Faith – Mind Control – Liars and Lies

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We walk by Faith – Mind Control – Part 2 – Liars and Lies

John 8:31-44

  Part of walking by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7) is mind control.  After we consider the problem of strongholds that must be destroyed and strongholds that must be built, we now turn our attention to the liars and lies that infest our minds and keep us from being free to walk by faith.  Christ speaks to the Jewish leaders who are bound up by their religion and their spiritual pride, and he tells them and us that they will never be free until they follow His ways.  He then points out how much they follow their true father Satan because their minds are following lies and their hands are bent on destruction and killing just like Satan. It’s time that we confront the truth that we face liars and lies every minute of every day.  Only the truth found in the teachings of Christ can set us free. 
Thanks so Michael Liesure for working with me on the skit that opens the message!

I.  The Four Liars
  A.  Satan
  B.  Our Flesh (id)
  C.  Other People – 
  D.  The Media
II.  Five Lies
  A.  My past dertermines my future!
  B.  I can handle my problems myself!
  C.  Nobdy else has my kind of problems!
  D.  If I suffer, God is mad at me!
  E.  I can’t help it!

For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

WellSpring Community Church Theme Verse for 2015

  Over the past few years our themes have been “Being One” (Unity), and  “Awakening” (Holy Spirit Renewal).  This years theme is “Walking” (Faith in Action).  Throughout this year, we will be looking at several aspects of what is means to “Walk by Faith” including, “Mind Control”, “Spirit Control”, and “Will Control”. 

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