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Upstream – part 2 – Truth: Foundations of Reality
June 13, 2021

Upstream – part 2 – Truth: Foundations of Reality

Passage: John 8:31 - 47; 58
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In our series, "Upstream", we will be talking about several trends in our community that have become "mainstream" that the church realizes that we have to be live "Upstream". These are views held my many today that do not align with our Biblical Worldview. Truth is a foundational topic because it will underpin all future conversations. Many in our country have decided that truth is relative and therefore that morality is also relative to our personal experience. In the Biblical Worldview, we believe that truth is absolute and found in The Bible as the Word of God and in Jesus Christ as the truth of God's revelation to us in human form. As we look at John 8, we see one of the most profound explanations of truth and it is clearly UPSTREAM from the world.

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